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We have detailed below the main issues you should consider when arranging your home insurance. This is not a comprehensive guide, but we are here to assist you personally in answering all of your questions.


The cost, type of cover, level of cover and the service you receive can vary enormously between insurance providers. You do not have to stay with your Bank or Building Society and are free to choose your provider when you first arrange your cover, at renewal or indeed at any time during the policy term.

"We can research the market for you from our extensive panel of providers, including household names, saving you time and money, to ensure that you get the most appropriate and cost effective cover for you." 


Ensure your property is fully insured - any significant under insurance could mean that any claim you make might be reduced or even rejected altogether by the provider.

"We can assist you in calculating the cover you require and need for both your buildings and contents insurance."

  • COST

As with your choice of cover the difference in the price you can pay for the same cover is not just a few pence - we have seen reductions for some of our clients premiums of over 50%.

The premium you pay will depend on factors such as your post code, level of cover, type of cover, your property type, your age, your property age and other factors such as the security of your property and previous claims history.

"Fill out our Request A Quote form and we'll do all the hard work for you providing you with a all the options you require - at worst we can confirm your current provider gives you a good deal - more likely we could save you money while retaining or improving the level of cover you have."


Several things to consider here, Accidental Damage, New for Old, All risks/Personal Possessions and liability cover.

Accidental damage is to cover you if anything is accidentally damaged, -while this slightly increases the premium we would normally recommend you have this option for the added protection.

All Risks or Personal Possessions cover is for those items you want to cover away from the home such as jewellery, cameras etc - this affects the premium but can give you valuable protection for your possessions while out of the house while in the UK and abroad.

New for Old is not available on all policies, which means that, should you claim the amount paid out is reduced due to the age of the item - we would normally recommend you have New for Old, as for example there may not be much value to a 10 year old carpet.

Liability - householders, like everyone else, must exercise reasonable care in everything they do. If you are careless or negligent, and cause damage to someone else or their property, then you could be held "legally liable", possibly for a lot of money.You can cover against this risk through your home insurance - the buildings policy covers you as an owner of your home and the contents policy covers you as its occupier.

"We can assist you in deciding on exactly what cover you need and provide you with the different costs so you can make an informed decision." 


Often people take out their Home Insurance cover with their mortgage lender for convenience without realizing how much extra they could be paying. Even if you do research the market place initially the tendency is to stay with your current provider on renewal - this is not always the cost effective solution.

"We research the market each and every year for you to ensure you retain the best deal available and also check that you cover remains appropriate for your circumstances."


Having the cheapest Home Insurance cover is no good if there are so many exclusions you are unlikely to be able to make a claim or if the service for claims is poor - it is important you consider this when purchasing your policy.

"Not only will we help you choose the right provider, but if the worst should happen we will assist you in what can be claimed, how to claim and what to do should your claim be declined." 


Some insurers insist on certain home security requirements, such as special locks, alarms etc, but you can also consider what you should have these, not only to make your home safer but as they may also reduce your premium.

Most providers have an excess, payable when you make a claim.Too high an excess means it is not possible or viable to claim for some smaller claims but having a higher excess can reduce your premium.

If you have previously held home insurance without a claim you can often qualify for a discount. If you have made a claim this can affect your future premium, but different insurers use different criteria to determine this.

Take advantage of special offers, but remember they may not be as competitive in the second year so you need to check when your policy comes up for renewal - which we will do automatically for you as a client of Francis Granville.

"Let us advise you on what discounts there are available"